Private Pension Partners
Private Pension Partners (P3)

For over a decade, Private Pension Partners has meaningfully co-invested with clients to deliver superior risk adjusted returns through primarily apartments.

Fengate Asset Management
Fengate Asset Management

With offices in Toronto, Houston, and Oakville, Fengate is a leading alternative investment manager focused on infrastructure, private equity, and real estate strategies.

Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.
Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.

Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd. is a commercial real estate investment manager dedicated to providing investors with direct access to commercial real estate assets.

Skyline REIT
Skyline REit

Launched in 2006, Skyline Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is an income-producing opportunity to invest in a 100% Canadian diversified portfolio of primarily multi-family residential properties.

Alberta Investment Management Corp.

AIMCo (Alberta Investment Management Corporation) is a high performing investment manager that finds the best opportunities from around the world and delivers results.

Newton Group Ltd.
Newton Group LTD.

With advanced construction techniques and technology, the Newton Group LTD. excels in delivering building systems and structures to the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional industries.

Storage Vault
Storage vault

The largest and fastest growing storage company in Canada, StorageVault manages and rents self-storage and portable storage space to individuals and commercial clients.

Key Living
Key living

Key is fundamentally changing the way real estate works for the better, for the many, making financial prosperity realistic and attainable.

Edev Realty Advisors Inc.

EDEV Real Estate Advisors Inc. has an impressive record in development, reuse and remediation of real estate development plans, and is an active entity in various projects including the Magellan Aerospace.